Mid Month Check in- How are you really doing?

In order to gain a better understanding of our emotions and overall well-being, it is crucial to conduct regular check-ins. Whether these check-ins occur daily, weekly, or monthly, taking the time to reflect on our emotional and physical state is highly important. As we observe Mental Health Awareness Month this month, it serves as a special occasion to pause and ask ourselves, "How are we truly doing?"

At the beginning of the month, like many others, I set certain intentions for myself that I aimed to accomplish. My goal was to improve my physical and emotional well-being in various aspects, with the hope of emerging from this month with a more uplifted mental health overall. Now that we are halfway through the month, I realized that I hadn't taken a moment to assess my progress towards these intentions. This is when the idea of a mid-month check-in struck me. I chose to sit alone and reflect on the progress, or lack thereof, that has transpired so far this month. I compiled a list of questions to delve deeper into my experiences. Today, I will share those questions with you:

  1. What have you done this month to prioritize your well-being?

  2. What are you currently grateful for?

  3. What has been occupying your thoughts and emotions this month?

  4. What is something you are looking forward to in the remaining days of this month?

  5. What are your current needs?

  6. What would you like to accomplish by the end of the month?

  7. Have you found yourself comparing your life or yourself to others?

  8. How can you uplift your mental health for the remainder of the month?

  9. Are there any additional small changes you can make to improve your mental health?

  10. Have you been cultivating kind thoughts towards yourself?


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