Do More of This, and Less of This

     May 1st marks the start of Mental Health Awareness month, a month dedicated to creating awareness around mental health, helping to break the stigma behind asking for and seeking help. During this month, we often take time to reflect on our mental health and the things that we hope to improve on. We think about things that have been helping us to “fill our cup” and moving us into a positive direction. We reflect upon the good moments and small everyday victories that help us to keep moving forward.

     We also think of things that have been draining us. The negative thoughts and actions surrounding us that could be weighing us down. These things could be subconscious or conscious things happening in our lives, but ones that need to be changed in order to boost our mental health. Something as small as wanting to go to bed earlier or as big as wanting to end a relationship, are things that are important to reflect upon during this month as we work to improve our mental health. This is why I pose the question of, “What should I be doing more of and what should I be doing less of?”

     My personal list is one that I have kept to myself, but have used as a baseline for creating a list to share with you all. When writing what I thought would be a simple, minimal effort list, ended up taking me deep into thought and reflection about my everyday life. It made me reflect upon the people a part of my life, my habits, thoughts, and actions. It took me this time, writing this list, to help me understand what needed to be changed in my life. 

     Below is a list that should help to create the baseline for your list, but everyones is different. One simple list couldn’t clearly define what things everyone needs in their life, which is why I suggest for you to make your own list. Take this post as an inspiration to sit down and reflect with yourself on things that you would like to change in your life. Take this blog post as the sign you were looking for to finally switch that habit, make that call, or simply do something different. 

Do more of this:

  • Taking time for yourself- live for yourself not others
  • Giving yourself a break- I promise you deserve it
  • Being confident- there’s no one else like you. Isn’t that so cool?
  • Unplugging- make more real life connections
  • Going outside- nature is healing
  • Accepting change- it can be hard, but it’s a good thing
  • Trying something new- you have one life, go for it!
  • Showing others love- your sign to tell someone you love them

Do less of this:

  • Giving half hearted answers- if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no
  • Caring what people think- judgment comes from insecurity
  • Judging a book by it’s cover- you never know what people are going through
  • Comparing yourself to others- the only person you should compare yourself to, is yourself
  • Living in the past or the future- the only thing you can control is the present
  • Pleasing others- your life is to be lived by you and not to be lived for others 
  • Doubting yourself- you are given your opportunities for a reason

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